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What is Mugeda?

Mugeda is a cloud-based platform for creating HTML5 rich media mobile ads. Users can create professional mobile ads rich in animations and interactions directly from their browsers. The creatives may be deployed to any HTML5-compatible clients, such as PCs, smart phones, tablets and smart TVs.

How can I get a Mugeda account?

We now open account application for users who own a business or belong to a business. When you fill out the application form, you will be prompted to provide a valid domain name and an email address belonging to the same business.

How to make HTML5 rich media creatives?

Mugeda provide a comprehensive toolset including a professinal IDE, a template-based ad builder, and a mobile page builder to help create rich media mobile ads. The toolset helps designers reduce the turn around time significantly, but also improve the quality of creatives.

What is the browser requirement of Mugeda?

You need a browser that supports HTML5. Nowadays virtually all browsers supporting HTML5, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera. Mugeda recommends Google Chrome for its justified HTML5 performance.

What is the format of creatives created by Mugeda?

Mugeda creates rich media creatives in organic HTML5 format. You can export creatives to JS or CSS3 format.

Can I save creative file created by Mugeda to my local drive?

Yes. Mugeda can export your creative to different format, including JS and CSS3. You can save the export files to your designated locations, e.g., your local disk or a web page.

Do I need a player to play creatives created by Mugeda?

A small javascript file may be required to render Mugeda creatives. If it is required, the javascript file will be included in the exported package.

How to share my creatives with others?

You will find a "share" button in the content management page. Click this button, and Mugeda will generate a share code for the creative, which may be used to view specified creative without owning an account at

How to deploy creatives created by Mugeda in my website or Apps?

It is very easy to deploy creatives created by Mugeda. You'll find a "publish" button in your content management page. Click this button, and Mugeda will generate some HTML codes that can be embedded into an HTML page in your website. Copy this code and insert into any web page to display this creative.

Can I import outside materials?

Mugeda can import images in jpg, gif or gif format. Mugeda can also import svg, ai, pdf, or eps format via an importing plugins (included in Mugeda IDE). Audio files like .wav and .mp3 are also supported. The source files may be in your local disk or from a URL.


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You may create a share code that may be used by others to view your content.

To create a share code, click "Share" in the page of Content Management.