Mugeda Studio

Mugeda Studio is a cloud-based professional environment to create animated and interactive HTML5 contents directly from a browser. Designers can use Mugeda Studio's rich feature set, including timeline, symbol, action, etc., to create appealing contents without any coding. Developers can use Mugeda Studio's built-in JavaScript API to create web/hybrid apps fitting a wide range of scenarios.

Mugeda Template

Using Mugeda Template is the simplest way to create rich media banner and interstital ads in minutes. Designers can choose from a rich set of pre-generated templates and fill up a form to customize them, without touching the details of animation details. The customized contents can be further edited in Mugeda Studio. Animation contents created using Mugeda Studio may also be saved as templates for quick customization thereafter.

Mugeda Page

Mugeda Page is a handy drag-and-drop environment to create mobile mini sites or landing pages with its built-in widgets like 360 degree view, image gallery, form, video, audio, navigation bar, etc. Mugeda Page may also seamlessly import animated contents created using Mugeda Studio make your mobile pages live with full animations and interactions.

Born to Collaborate

Sitting in a Cloud, Mugeda is born to be collaborative. With Mugeda's subscription with team features (standard and beyond), you and your team can enjoy the benefit from shared assets and the ability to view and edit contents together.

Analytics Report

Mugeda support various ways of analytic report. Mugeda has built-in reports directly accessible from within your account. It provides not only the conventional stats regarding impressions and click-though rate, but also the in-depth statistics of user interactions, which is critical for rich media contents. Mugeda also support third-party tracking systems like DoubleClick.

CDN Hosting

You may choose exporting created contents and host them yourself. You may also choose Mugeda CDN to host them (additional fee may apply). Mugeda's CDN service is built up Amazon's industry-leading CDN solutions, making global conent deliver a hassle-free experience for you.

Professional Service

Mugeda's in-house designers and developers have rich experience in creating and delivering HTML5 animation contents in a wide range of application scenarios, including rich media mobile ads, educational publishing, casual mobile games and mini sites. Contact us for more information if you need professional service to bring unique media experience to your mobile audience.